Using remotes to deal damage?

I was thinking of having a remote that is in charge of dealing damage for the game (all weapons, etc) would run through it so I can keep who is dealing what damage nice and tidy.

However, I’ve realised that this leaves it open to exploiters, I could combat this by running checks (e.g. if you kill someone with a sword, but are 500 studs away, most likely exploiting). But I feel like this isn’t really a good solution. It also means I am relying on there not being too many remote calls in order for the server to handle them.

Am I better off just having each script handle damage? This way it is much harder for it to be exploited, its just more messy code wise though I can just use modulescripts.

Both are exploitable…Basically you want to make it so it compares the attackers local environment with the defenders local environment as well as the servers local environment… If all 3 match up then deal the damage… You are defiantly on the right track thinking about comparing position, but it really depends on how your game works. Mine currently checks a characters position as well as velocity and state (i.e like grounded/jumping/flying etc…).