Using roblox web api with python

How do I use the roblox web api in python?
I am not a web developer and most likely will never be, I am simply curious about how I would use it.

Specifically, the authentication api right now.

I tried sending a password reset email to an email address, and it worked using the request box on the api website, but I tried doing it using the python requests library but I don’t know how.


I only code rbxlua, NodeJS, and HTML/CSS, but I can try to guess at this.

I’ve used ROBLOX api for Javascript since it returns values in JSON,

There’s probably some sort of python package or whatever thing Python uses out there that converts JSON to whatever storage type Python uses, similar to HTTP JSON Decode.

I can’t speak for Python, but I have done this with C#. You just follow the API documentation to a T and send your web requests then when it returns JSON data you can see the default response and use some sort of custom json separation method. I was lazy at the time and just used a method to separate name:" and ", then grab the string between.

Hope this helps,

I’m just pulling this from the Roblox API server that I’m in for roblox-js and noblox.js but for Python libraries, have you tried robloxlib, pyblox, or robloxapi?

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I’ll go take a look at them, I was just trying to do it with requests library because I wanted to do it using a website that you can create python code with, and those libraries aren’t on it.