Using same scripts across multiple places in same experience


For the game I am making, I am splitting it up into 3 different places within the same game. This is mainly to help make it less laggy for players.

In doing so, there are a lot of scripts that will be duplicated across it. For example, they all use the same combat scripts for the weapons.

I was wondering what is the best practice for dealing with this.
Should I make the scripts a Package so it updates or is there a better way?

I was just trying to figure out how to do this the other week and came across Packages, try learning about them they’re great and are what you’re looking for, think of them as Global Variables but for Instances

I should probably look into this as well, I’ve just been using the copy paste method. And the forgetting what I copied and didn’t copy method.

Well I haven’t personally tried this method, however I know you can upload modules as models to roblox > then call them in scripts by using the id of the model. If they’re all using similar scripts I would think uploading 1 module and calling from there would save a lot of script time and would also be easier to update.