Using the "reserve server" and "teleporttoprivateserver" in a loop

Hello, I want to fully understand what happens if you teleport in a loop a queue of players to a reserved server because I thought that if I do that it will help the teleport process by the great amount of teleportation attempts and will teleport the players with a higher chance for a successful teleport basically but when I tried doing that idk if that’s just me funky stuff begun to happen such as continuing to teleport even after reaching the private server (destination) to another private server from the private server (destination) and the loading screen being stuck.

You only have to teleport the player once, can you gif what’s happening? I don’t really understand.

Could you please post your code? We have nothing to work off of, and cannot help you with your problem.

It’s not a problem with code the support i need is with understanding regarding this situation

I can still give it but when im home

Basically imagine using a while loop and inside of it u use reserve server and teleport to private server on a certain group of players

Oh yes ill gif whats happening when im home i read it fast

Why would you need a loop?
You could just put all the players in an array (if you want it to be a specific group, e.g. people teleporting to a game match, etc) and then teleport them.

Yes but my question is about what happens when u attempt that in a loop my experience with it is what ive described and i want to know why is code from another server affecting u in another

Don’t. Why would you? This is an abuse of loops and will do the opposite of what you intend. Spamming a teleport request is going to flood the service internally, it doesn’t guarantee transport. Teleport only once and allow players to retry it if the teleport fails to pass through.

The code from one server is affecting you in another because you are sending a request to teleport the player in one server, but that request might only be seen after you’ve teleported to another.

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