[USMC] Admin Roles

United States Marine Corps

This handbook will contain:

  • Levels Of Admin
  • Which Roles Get Which Admin
  • Which Regiment gets mod?
  • Commands and Uses

Levels Of Admin:

  • Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Owner
  • Creator



If a player has completed all the phases of TECOM, and is a JDI+ they will recieve Mod.
JR. Drill Instructor - Moderator
Drill Instructor - Moderator
Senior Drill Instructor - Moderator
Jr Recruiting Staff - Moderator
Sr Recruiting Staff - Moderator
Section Sgt Major - Moderator
Recruiting Instructor - Moderator
Deputy Assistant Commander - Moderator
Section Commander - Admin
Chairman Of Directors Board - Admin
Deputy Commander Of TECOM - Admin
Assistant Head Of TECOM - Admin
Head Of TECOM - Admin
Chairman Of TECOM - Owner Admin


Moderator (O5-O6

:respawn < Player > < Username > - Only for resetting a persons
Note: Do not use without proper reasoning

:message < Message > - Should only be used for Events, Trainings, or a Announcement.
Note: You can only use :message with permission from a Director Of Marine Corps+

:tp < playername > < playername > - Used to teleport to different people.
Note: You are allowed to teleport to and bring lower ranks, you cannot to higher ranks and never Marine Corps staff.

:team < player > < team > - Used to change teams for the designated player
Note: Should only be used on yourself for the teams that you have access to. For example, if you are an Officer and you are a part of MP, you may only team yourself either Officer or Military Police.

Administrator (O7-Director Of Marine Corp Staff

:kick < playername > < reason > - Kicking a player for reasons
Note: Should only be used for TKers or exploiters.

:view < playername > - This command makes you watch a player as if you were that player
Note: This must only be used in specific circumstances such as identifying exploiters, or identifying where one is. This command should not be used very frequently.

:ban < playername > - This command server bans the player.
Note: Only use this to ban hackers/exploiters or Abusers.

Developer (Developer - Head Developer)

:pban < playername > - This command is only to get rid of abusers.
Note: Abuse of this command may be a pban or a demotion and admin removed.

:warn < playername > < Reason > - This is to warn a player for breaking the rules.
Note: Abuse of this command will result in a demotion.

:shutdown < Reason > - This command is to shutdown the game for an update or a hacker.
Note: Abuse of this command will result in a possible firing or demotion.

Owner (Commandant Of The Marine Corp - Founder)

:pban < playername > - This command fully bans the players from all servers.
Note: Only use this to ban hackers/exploiters or Abusers.

:god < playername > - This command makes the user unkillable
Note: This command can only be used in events to not die, if you use this for no reason you may be demoted.

:give < playername > < item > - This command gives the designated player an item
Note: This command should only be used in rare circumstances where one must have a specific item. Use common sense on this command.

Any abuse, not following this form etc will result in a punishment under the DOD, CF, CW, And Founder.

This was signed by US Marine Corps, Department Of Defense Tysyaka.


Signed By,
Department Of Defense


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