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USSF High Ranks

Becoming a HR

Becoming a HR


  • To become a HR you must first become a Captain, a low rank rank that is trained and tested to become a Major.
  • As 1st Lt. you must complete **at least three supervised trainings(ST) with a score of 8/10 or higher.
  • Upon completing your three STs a HR will check if you are elligible to become a Captain.


  • As a Captain you have 4 weeks to complete 4 supervised trainings (STs) with a score of at 9/10 or higher.

Colonels are chosen from Majors. Majors must consistently be active and *contributing positively to the group. Colonels must also have been a Major for at least four months.

Generals are chosen from Colonels. This rank is given to Colonels who have performed well for a long period of time.

Being a HR
  • Each HR, regardless of rank, must host at least 1 event per week. Trainings and events count as STs.
  • Members can only be promoted a maximum of once per day. The EXP promotion system does not have this rule apply to it.
  • The lower the rank someone is, the easier it should be for them to be promoted.
  • Trainings should last at least 40 minutes and at most 90.
  • End your shouts when your events are over.
  • Do not overshout.
  • Do NOT promote anyone who quit USSF back to their original rank. See the veterans rules for more information on this rule.
  • High Ranks who break a rule will be warned once and any further rule violations will result in a suspension or demotion, depending on the severity of the act. Serious violations such as admin attacks will result in an immediate demotion or exile.
  • Common sense should apply. Things such as corruption are not allowed.

Supervised Trainings

Supervised Trainings (STs)

  • During a supervised training a high rank member will supervise and guide the trainer as they conduct a training.
  • High ranking members are not allowed to conduct a low-effort ST in which they do not actively participate. HRs may only have up to two thirds of their trainings be STs.
  • First Lieutenants and Captains should use the #request-an-st channel on the USSF discord server to arrange an ST.

Supervised trainings are graded out of 10 according to these traits:

  • Communication(2 points): Explaining what’s happening, introductions at start of trainings and rounds/obbies, giving good and constructive feedback.
  • Maturity(2 points):: No fooling around, using proper grammar and the ability to deal with situations
  • calmly and collected
  • Enforcement of Rules(2 points): Enforcing the rules of U.S.S.F. in an efficient and fair way.
  • Pacing(2 points):: Making sure rounds/obbies have good timing, are well organised, have variety and keeping intermission between rounds short.
  • Conclusions(2pts):: Promotions being given quickly and for those who deserve it, submitting a screenshot of the training and the overall success of the training.

Points will be allocated at the supervising HR’s convenience. They may give 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 or 0 points for each section.

USSF Trello, Skype, Discord

High Ranks must use the USSF Trello page when necessary. Check it out to see its features and rules.
High Ranks must also use Skype to stay in contact with each other and to send me screenshots of their trainings. HRs are not required to use the Discord server but are highly encouraged to in order to announce their events, help moderate the channel and keep in contact with members.

Admin Commands
  • kick: Kick players who break the rule and refuse to stop. One warning should be given and after that they may be kicked. Warnings are not needed for hackers.
  • ban: For players who need to be prevented from rejoining the server but who do not deserve a permanent ban. Examples: Raiders who continue to flame, trolls, spammers.
  • p(ermanent)ban: For players who are a real issue at the place and should be permanently banned. Examples include: Hackers, recurrent spammers, recurrent trolls. Should not be used except for when absolutely necessary.

At the MA

  • The commands allowed at the FOB can also be used at the MA.
  • Useful commands not specified here may be used. For example, using :char to give one team the same appearance or changing the time of day.
  • Unnecessary and ‘funny’ commands such as :noob, :rocket, etc. are never to be used.


Raids can be organised by USSF High Ranks as long as:

  • The HR is known to be capable of leading raids
  • The chosen location is not an unbalanced place to raid, is not laggy and does not have admin abusers.
  • A screenshot of the raid’s victory message and/or pre-raid organisation are sent to me.

Demotions & Suspensions
  • Breaking rules should lead to a demotion, especially when the person has been warned to stop but does not.
  • Suspensions can also be given alongside demotions and their length should depend on the severity of the act. For example, a demotion for disrespect should last a few days.

How to become a veteran / Veterans returning to the group

Requirements to be a veteran

  • Is not currently an active USSF member.
  • Was a prominent member in the clan known by many of the other members.
  • Was an active USSF member for at least two years.

Rules for veterans

  • Veterans can not take a leadership role in USSF events. They may not help High Ranks. If at an event, they are to be treated like normal members.

Giving veterans their old rank back

  • Veterans may be moved back to their old rank if they were made a veteran a maximum of 2 months ago.


Veterans’ previous contributions to the group and their experiences with the group are taken into account. Therefore, it should be easier for them to be promoted as they have already proven themselves.

Reranking people who left the group
  • People may not have their previous USSF rank restored unless they left the group a maximum of 2 months ago. There needs to be proof of their previous rank.

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