(v0.2.7a) STRIFE! - Full Update Log

Fight with fully randomized weapons in an FFA match!
(This game is under heavy development)


  • DATA IS NOT CURRENTLY BEING SAVED! This is just in Alpha, so anything is subject to change.
  • If you like the concept and would like to see it develop further, please consider donating! It helps with the development process, and also provides some good feelings :).


Version 0.2.7a:

  • Lost the original game description, unfortunately
  • New GUIs!

Version 0.2.6a:

  • Teleport issue fixed
  • Fade into game

Version 0.2.5a:

  • New map

Version 0.2.4a:

  • New sword mesh!
  • Bug fixes
    • Player falls out of the map when dead

Version 0.2.3b:

  • UI scaling improvements
  • The falling-through-map bug has been rediscovered. Currently working on it.

Version 0.2.3a:

  • Huge optimizations!
  • Huge bug fixes!
    • Tier colors not matching the stats (Fuchsia was only 40/40; with the rebalance, fuchsia is now 36/40+)
    • Rounds not starting when they should
    • Weapon attack not always initializing
  • UI Improvements
  • New name possibilities!

Older versions

Version 0.2.2a:

  • Bug fixes, slight optimization
  • Shorter intermission
  • Invite friends button added
  • Mobile UI scaling improved
  • Shop and menu are now accessible mid-round
  • Combat GUIs moved to the right side of the screen

Version 0.2.1a:

  • Lobby redesign (still incomplete)


  • Design

    • Interactive UI coming soon
  • Combat

    • Combat overhaul
    • New weapons (____ time!!!)
    • Weapon FX

Smaller details