[V1.01] Hot Chocolate Simulator 2 [Beta] - Update Log

Welcome to Hot Chocolate Simulator 2. Run around crazy drinking hot chocolate and selling it for some coins. Use coins to upgrade you hot chocolate in the shop, get more storage, or buy eggs.

Game: Hot Chocolate Simulator 2 - Roblox

NOTE: The map has little decoration expect updates/shutdowns tonight and tomorrow of new items being added to it.

Update Log:

  • :coffee:3 New Hot Chocolates​:coffee:
  • :school_satchel:3 New Backpacks​:school_satchel:
  • :egg:3 New Eggs (Shard, Coco, and Present):egg:
  • :question:???:question:
  • :dog:17 New Pets​:dog:
  • :earth_asia:New World (Christmas World):earth_asia:
  • :candy:New Currency (Candy Canes):candy:
  • :notes:New Music​:notes:

Version: V1.01

Head Developer: LightBeam_Studio (Builder/Scripter)
Developer: YellyJacc (Modeler)

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