[v1.0.24] LuaFast Anti-virus


Hello everyone! This is my first post, so, welcome me! :slight_smile: I’m here to talk with you about my antivirus. Initially, LuaFast was called RoFast and only identified objects with a suspicious name. Now, luafast also identified malicious scripts. Obviously, it is not the best roblox anti-virus. Now I leave you some important notes in case you want to use LuaFast.

LuaFast, a small and fast anti-virus.
LuaFast detects malicious scripts and disables them.

When LuaFast detects a malicious script there will be a message in the console/output like: “LuaFast: Found something suspicious in Workspace.Script” then if you are on Roblox Studio, find the script and delete it.
Malicious scripts gets disabled when testing the experience on Roblox Studio!
Ignore reports for Roblox modules and chat.


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This supposed to be in #resources:community-resources

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Could you release the source on GitHub so we can view it easily?

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I don’t have a github acc. But if u want i can give you a script. Script detection or model detection?

i installed your plug in to have a look and couldnt see it in the menu does it run manually or in the background etc…

Please look into table.find, this is a horrible way to compare strings.


Check the output. It doesn’t have a menu.

ok cool thanks wasnt sure it you could run it with a gui interface :+1:

sorry but I’m not a pro Programmer. I try my best

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all good mate, you have done better than i could :+1:

Yes, there is. Idk why it doesn’t shows.

Like what @R0bl0x10501050, you should utilize tables for looking up specific script names.

local viruses = {"Virus", "infected", "Sovietify"}

for index, descendant in ipairs(descendants) do
	if table.find(viruses, descendant.Name) then
		warn("found a virus!")

Add all your virus names to a table, then use table.find to check if the table includes the string you have specified.

(edit: look at the above post by @Downrest)

Quick example:

local virusNames = {

local found = table.find(virusName, "someScriptName")

if found ~= nil then
    --Destroy/quarantine script

The community helped me. I had found some bugs that I then fixed.

Awesome, yes there are some really good programmers on here that help out alot

The reason is that you have to use DockWidgetPluginGuis to display UI elements in plugins.

You can read about it in depth here:

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This is the script I used to make the gui:
local gui = Instance.new(“ScreenGui”)
gui.Parent = game.StarterGui
local textlabel = Instance.new(“TextLabel”)
textlabel.Parent = game.StarterGui
textlabel.Parent = gui
textlabel.Text = text[number]
textlabel.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(0, 0, 255)

anyway, I’m still reading the article you submitted.

Yeah, that isn’t really how you do it. Although that should do something, you would typically create a plugin Widget for this sort of stuff.

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I did what I could but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.