Vall Games is looking for a SCRIPTER (OPEN)

✦We are a Hunter x Hunter game which is about the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga, we currently have 4500+ members on discord and 200 members on the Group, we are almost to release and need a hard-working and great scripter for this job, we are only needing a long term scripter, not a short term or midterm.
✦You will mostly be doing Magic skills, if you can script stuff like ABA gameplay or better than it will be much appreciated
✦As said, you will be mostly in charge of scripting the skills, weapons, and VFX effects, this is fairly simple as we don’t want it too detailed, but one that works, you will also be scripting the UI and other stuff, we want a great and passionate scripter, not one that is always filled with negativity
✦This is also a Hunter x Hunter game, so you should at least know the basic concept of that anime since it will be a lot easier than me having to explain everything single step, you will be provided a lot of reference through your work so don’t worry about that.
✦13+ (Good grammar and English please)
✦1-1.5 years of experience in Lua and Scripting magic skills
✦Simple knowing of Hunter x Hunter Anime
✦Kind and respectful
✦Dedicated and not lazy
{Do not dm me if you don’t fit this cartirier}
✦You will be paid about 30-40$ or 10k every month, games coming out soon so don’t worry about the payment, since u will be getting way more, I recommend game % weekly, as i may ask you for that and what you think about it, mostly on the % side.
✦The payment amount depends on the quality of work you provide to us and how much we ask of you monthly.
✦Payments will be giving every month not week or day.
✦Contact me on Discord TempestDev#5783
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