Value of type nil cannot be converted in number

Hello forum!
Probably i just wanted to make the value changer from gui but after i made the script this happened

I need a help to fix this one because i have no idea why it comes wrong
heres the scripts:

	local num = script.Parent.Parent.WInput.Text


	local Set = tonumber(num)
	game.Workspace.NSystem.N.GH.W.Value = Set

Print num before calling the RemoteEvent to get sure is not nil. As this “script.Parent.Parent.WInput.Text” maybe nil.

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i tried it already, it tells the normal number, not nil


Should be:

script.Parent.RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, num)

As remote events also return the player.

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Well I’m no experienced coder, but from what I know, nil means nothing, so nil cannot be converted into a number. Nil is basically just an empty value.

Oh okay, thanks about that. Now ill be know that

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