Vandailia | Keep The City Looking Good Bill

Keep The City Looking Good Bill

  1. In order to keep our city looking good and pleasing to the eye, this bill will allow Government Officials to demolish, edit, or ask the owner of a property to make adjustments to keep their building looking good.
  2. A Government Official must first ask the user to make the desired changes.
  3. If the user resists changes, they may have the right to trial to keep their property as it is.
  4. If the user does not trial or loses the trial but continues to resist, the property may be edited or demolished by force by Government Officials.
  5. In order to decide that property needed to be edited or demolished, there must be at least 3 Government officials in agreeance that the building must be edited or demolished.
  6. This bill must be enacted before April 1, 2019.
  7. All other previous legislation or laws in conflict with this bill are declared null and void.

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