Vandailia List of Laws:

A list of all official Vandailia laws:

Severity Scale:
1 - The crime is not that serious at all, very minor, usually resulting in a warning, small fine, or community service.(Example. Littering, speeding)
2 - A bit more serious, something that directly affects someone else (stealing, threatening, etc.) often resulting in fine, community service, or short imprisonment.
3 - Far more serious (example: threatening, bullying, huge amounts of stealing or property damage) can result in long term imprisonment or huge fines.
4 - Very serious (attacking, cheating, hurting high up government officials), can result in huge fines, tempory bans or even exile.

Note: Please break laws in sections

Law Template:

  1. Law Description
  2. Severity (Can include a range, but the range cannot be too big)

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