Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio

You can, look:

I’m working on the new icons as we speak :slightly_smiling_face:


Made some custom styles of it (because i have some free time lol)

If you want one, simply right cilck it and download it, then rename it to ClassImages and then, do this:


Edit: Made a new one just now! (it fits with default blue studio icons)

Its pretty simple to make a custom style:

  1. Download this picture:

  1. Create a new picture with Photoscape X (or whatever image manipulation software you use, but preferably use Photoscape X, because it is easier to make gradiens or patterns in this case) and use a size of 1968 x 16

  2. Create a new picture in the editor (Ctrl + N) and change the size to 1968 x 16, also set the image opacity to 0

  3. Insert the downloaded image in the new file, if it appears too small, resize it till it gets the size and make it fit exactly in the center

  4. Change the colors or even use a gradient or pattern to customize it

  5. Once finished, save as .PNG and then rename the picture to ClassImages

  6. Use the manual installation method


I’m glad you made this. I am currently working on an Editor for my own game right now, and this will definitely come in handy for it!

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When I put these in my Roblox Studio, I had a ton of fellow developers ask how I had cool icons for everything. Maybe that says something about the level of quality you have here :wink:


Alright, if Roblox doesn’t offer you a full time job to make icons for the company, I don’t know what world they live in. The quality of these icons is amazing! Imagine how much cleaner Roblox would be if you did all the icons! Just thinking about it makes me crazy…

P.S.: Support this!


I downloaded this yesterday and it worked with manual installation, but I went into Roblox Studio today and the icons reset.

I checked my last version of Studio folder and it contained the ClassImages.png file in content/textures. For a second thought I went to another version and saw it was there too, so I removed it from that one.

My latest version has a ClassImages.png file currently and whenever I go to Roblox Studio this happens:


Any solution to this?

I tried uninstalling Roblox Studio and downloading a icon set again and use the new ClassImages.png to put it in a new version of Roblox Studio and it worked.


Another note is that my last version of Studio before uninstallation looked like this:

While after the uninstallation a latest version folder looked like this with the rest of the .dll files:

You were looking at the Roblox Player version, not the Roblox Studio version.

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Give this man a job at roblox so he can make new icons…
Though I do really love this new look i wish the top icons could also join the party

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Ye, otherwise everyone who did this is bye-bye

Thanks for this great icon set! It seems like there might be an icon missing for the ProximityPrompt though?

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Thanks for this plugin, finally we have the chance to customize our plain studios. These new icons look absolutely gorgeous!

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You are correct, they are using a virtual filesystem inside the executable, however, you can relocate those icons to a direct path, Albeit I imagine patching the bytes directly may be a bit overkill, but we could replace the strings to point to a local directory and use the icons there?

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Yup, I’m still working on the next update which will include those icons :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s really cool! I’ve already inserted it & it fits the studio so nice! Just one thing, can you guys do designs for the icons in the tabs too? They feel like something out of Windows 2000, not gonna lie.

Seems to be happening to me as well, I’ve lost my icons after a few updates of Studio and even with opening Mod Manager, it still hasn’t updated back to the vanilla ones

Would it be possible for you to create a tutorial on how to add this to studio? I, and probably a lot of other developers, don’t know how to install it.

That’s not needed. @Elttob provides a simple to read and learn tutorial.

Kinda wanna make a fork of Vanilla eventually with my icons but can’t really do that since I don’t really want to make my icons free

Where does he provide this, do you know?