[VANITY STUDIO][OPEN] Hiring Gameplay Scripter

Vanity Studios is hiring: (Part/Full-Time) | Gameplay Programmers | Builders | Modelers

Your jobs may range in intensity and time requirements, but the amount you work is largely dependent on how long it takes you to complete your tasks.

Gameplayer Programmers/Scripters - Developers who have a well-thought understanding of Roblox Lua Syntax and API. They will primarily responsible for coding, or often helping code, a upcoming Vanity project. You will be given a significant degree of creative freedom and limited managerial oversight; though, communication skills are heavily required for this position.

Payment :

All jobs vary in their substance, so not all jobs will equate to the same value. The Studio will pay in whatever way you may deem most convenient for yourself.

Payment will be subsequently decided after you join a project.

Payments may range (in USD) from: $200-3000 + (Monthly Royalty Options)

Monthly Royalty Options will be provided in conjunction to your regular payment. These are set percentages which will yield you a percentage of the revenue earned from the project you worked on.

About Vanity Studios:

Vanity Studios is one of Roblox’s largest and most prominent mass-production studios. We nurture a casual and friendly culture – and all our developers reflect that. Vanity Studios differs with other Studios in its nature. Rather than producing one or two game simultaneously, we often have 5+ projects occurring at once. With our current processes and systems, we’re able to manage these projects and bring them unto the market in a matter of weeks.

  • Vanity Studios has created over 30 games, all reaping 1,000,000 + Visits.
  • Vanity Studio has 345k members and is always continuously growing.
  • Vanity Studio continues to host an average of 2,000+ players on our many games.
  • Vanity Studios Development has over 25 developers who help work on projects.


Our games at Vanity exceed in both quality and content. With a ambitious enterprise of developers and a creative staff we produce incredibly popular games which gross millions of Robux. We release games on a rather fast basis due to frequency of on-going projects and the swift workplace environment at Vanity. Vanity games are the pinnacle of creativity and hard work.

Vanity Studio games are constantly evolving and diffusing unto each other. Taking and expanding upon systems and ideas within our past games. A continuous and constant increase in both quality and players shows to the current trend. Our recent games do not, and will not, lack in any element, front-page quality will be sought and expected.


  • To express creativity.
  • To be a diligent.
  • To be respectful towards collegiums.
  • To be active and try your best to finish tasks.
  • To be able to complete simple instructions and follow directions.
  • To communicate.



  • Plan and implement creative gameplay content according to our roadmap using Roblox Studio and Lua.
  • Collaborate with staff to have access to a whole network of connections for you to finish projects.
  • Understand and extend existing frameworks and systems to support the features necessary for your creative updates.



  • 16+ Years Old
  • 2+ Years of Experience
  • Fluent in English
  • A Accessible Portfolio
  • Communication Skills

**compensation **

Compensation can be done through whatever means the developer may prefer. Vanity Studios offers percentages and monthly payments for successful games the developer produces. Compensation will vary based upon the difficulty of the job and the success of the game hereafter.

Possible mediums of payment:

  • Paypal
  • Robux (Group Payout)
  • Bank Wire (USD)

How to apply?

Just send the below Discord contact previous work and past experiences to be considered as a candidate.

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