Vansmena // Scripter

About Me

Hey! I have been on Roblox since 2016, my favorite types of games are roleplay games (like restaurants and hotels) and actions packed fighting games. I do a bit of everything, but I mostly do scripting commissions. I have been scripting for a while but only recently have decided to start taking commissions. My goal is to have fun, and make your projects even better!



- Attack On Titan Omnidirectional Movement Gear

- Player Looks At Mouse (server sided with optimization)

- Scaling Drawing Pad

- Custom Proximity Prompt

- Boats, cannons, and AI pirates

- 2D Movement System + Custom Backpack


(Currently I am not taking any long term jobs or percentages unless it looks promising)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or through discord: vansmena#8974


I can work on the weekdays, and respond to messages, however, I am most efficient on weekends.

Terms of Service
  • Your request can be declined at any time for any or no specific reason.
  • Dont send constant messages on progress, I will update you on the progress of your purchase regularly.
  • You will provide some information on how you would like your purchase to be.
  • After I am finished I will give you a video of the creation and once you pay me I will send you the file.
  • If you pay through buying a gamepass/shirt you will have to compensate for the 30% fee.
  • I won’t do sections of your scripts or finish your projects, sorry.
  • Commissions can take weeks depending on the complexity of your request.
  • I won’t fix your games if they are free model scripts, it is just painfully annoying dealing with broken outdated freemodels.


  • 8,000+ Depending On Complexity
    Message me with what you want and I can give you a rough estimate on pricing.

Wondering my capabilities? Send me a message and I’ll let you know if I can do it

Please read my Terms of Service before messaging me so we don’t run into any problems


Updated/ Lowered prices. If you believe they are too high please notify me! :smiley_cat:

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Great job for half a year man! Those builds looking nice, keep it up!

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Hello! I have sent you a friend request! My Discord is Aiden_12114#9939!

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I sent a friend request, my username is Rabbit Goddess

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hi i have a job for 2500 robux

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Did a job with a group icon, 10/10 very efficient, and absolutely getting your moneys worth! :slight_smile:

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Updated portfolio. I am trying to transition to mainly scripting commissions. Check out the game made in a week Island :desert_island: to see my capabilities (still some bugs it was made in a week :sweat: ) !

I would like to recommend Vansmena if you need a Scipter for your game. He/she has finished my order within 24 hours, he/she finished my order very well without any bugs.

Add me on discord I sent a request, :black_heart: Ðm¥†rð :black_heart:#0001

Those are some big jobs, nice work!