Variable Autocomplete Only Works Two Layers Deep

Studio currently does not autocomplete past a depth of two variables.

Expected behaviour:

Current behaviour (Two layers deep):


This has been going on for 1+ years now, and it annoys me so much. It really slows down development if you rely on autocomplete for more speed.


Any word on a potential fix for this problem that should have never even surfaced? It’s INSANELY annoying to lose autocomplete about 5 seconds in to writing anything.

Personally, I don’t think this is a bug. It’s more likely to be a feature that wasn’t implemented because it would require the script editor to map the directory of the objects in real-time as they are being referenced.

local Part = script.Parent 
                 -- autocomplete works because script.Parent is
                 -- a surely established directory

local Object_Inside_Part = Part.Object 
                 -- autocomplete works because you are
                 -- using a base object that has surely
                 -- established directory (Part is the base)
                 -- This directory is semi-established

local Object_Inside_Object = Object_Inside_Part.Object
                 -- autocomplete doesn't work because the
                 -- base object (Object_Inside_Part) is yet to checked if it is a
                 -- valid and existing object, hence the directory cannot be
                 -- surely established

Surely Established Directory - Meaning the path of the object is expected to always exist at the time of writing the code.

Base Object - Basically when you type Part.Object, the base will always be the first object/variable in the directory, so this one will be Part

Disclaimer: The terms and logic used may be inaccurate, but more or less, it’s a reasonable look at how this limitation of the autocomplete/script editor works.

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I have to agree with this, autocomplete wasn’t made to write the script for you. It was written to assist you in coding.

This post sounds more like a feature request to me.

EDIT: It would be nice to have though, it gets confusing when working through deep layers of modules.

I don’t really agree with this being considered a feature request. It’s sort of between the two and I think this is undesirable (and undocumented) behavior which would be both confusing for users and inconvenient so I would personally consider this a bug (hence why I posted this in this category). I suppose it would be considered more of a tweak than a bug but I personally feel it best fits within this category.

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