Variable memory leak?

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Some of my players are experiencing disconnections which has been happening for almost 2 weeks. Is there a way to easily pinpoint the cause? I’m assuming it’s the number of parts in-game which normally peaks at around 40-50,000 but beforehand this hasn’t happened and there were still just as many parts. It could be something else I missed, they said it usually stops around 300-600 but a 20% chance of constantly going up to the 2000-3000s. The Quarry is FE, but not StreamingEnabled.

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I can’t help but to note the custom chat GUI. I don’t know if it’s related or if you fixed this, but my game has this issue: When a lot of chats accumulate within the window, whatever for loop you use to push the other chats up is gonna get some stress. Clients on my gave have crashed from this issue, ESPECIALLY when there’s a lot of messages sending.

The custom chat used doesn’t have any tweening or loops, it’s 9 fixed textlabels.

If that’s the case, use the typical append add to the chat Table[Index+SizeOfTable+1], and a nil set Table[Index] = nil to remove chats, and store an int for Index, and just increment it whenever a chat is removed, and track the size.

No for-loop needed for adding and removal, and the most you’d have to do is just loop Index back to -SizeOfInt every once in a while.

More details from one of the reports: