VastPlanet Marketing and Business Firm

About Us

Hello, I’m WhoIsLords, the Director of VastPlanet Marketing and Business. Currently I’m the sole member of our firm. VastPlanet aims to help your Roblox game or group. As you can tell from our name, we specialize in Public Relations and Business Management.

What We Do

Our team at VastLight covers the following:
  • Private Relations (groups, other games, brand deals, etc.)
  • Public Relations (community servers, socials, group shouts, etc.)
  • Marketing (we’ll create a marketing plan that matches your business plan)
  • Developer Relations
  • Game Analyst (we’ll help improve your game so users stay longer and are more engaged)
  • Server Management (we’ll deploy verified administrations to ensure no exploiting or game rules are being broken)

Previous Work

Currently, I have light experience in both marketing and business related communications, however VastLight is looking to expand their field.

Our Team

VastLight Marketing and Business is currently made up of only me, WhoIsLords. However, we are looking to expand our team and we’re begin hiring shortly.

How to Hire

To learn more about VastPlanet or hire us, refer to the contact section below.


Discord: lords#5521

Have a wonderful day.

Hey there, was wondering if you’re still up for hire.

Looking forward to a reply back!