VCD News | 9-14-2020 Update


We have Application and Rank Management Centers now!
The Application Center will give you the opportunity to become a News Anchor!
The Rank Management Center will allow you to get the ranks you purchased shown below.

Voice actors have been hired for more realistic sounding newscasts.

Username & Group rank tag has been added.

Massive VCD News Studio revamp coming tomorrow!

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer glitch onto the stage.
  • Fixed admin for ranks.


The game now has a VIP Gamepass for 150 Robux. It allows you to get exclusive access to a VIP seating area and more perks in the group.

We now have 2 ranks for sale to prevent mass abuse.
The ranks are Trainee and News Anchor, they both will give you permission to come onstage and create newscasts some of which will be posted to the VCD News YouTube.

You can read our Guide.
View everything on our Group.