Vehicle chassis - Daydream Studios

About Us:
Hey there, we’re Daydream Studios, a Roblox development studio.

The Team
@Fondatix - Scripter
@LifeSpy - Builder
@iDespairful - Modeler
@PerfectlyBlack - Artist
@InfernoViper - Creative Director

About the job:
We’re looking for someone who has experience in making a vehicle chassis, we are also willing to purchase one. The chassis must be simplistic, customizable values like max speed, torque, turn speed, suspension height etc, must be easy to set up and implement. We would prefer to have a chassis very similar to Jailbreak’s.


Robux is our payment method. The amount will be discussed in dms.

Contact Us:

Discord: Fondatix#5854, wi.ll#7702

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