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reworking this rn pretty cool yeah ik


So - is it just the blinky lights, or do you do things like suspension and driving mechanics too?

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I have a script I made that does suspension

@MlesniakGamingYT Amazing work from what ive seen!

Im a Co-Founder And the lead developer for a USA group, Were really going big, with a plan to have the largest game in its gonra made on the platform, We are in need of cars/trucks/ possible other, The person in charge of the group is a Retired roblox employee, And depending on negotiated will ask to do downpayments [again depending on price], Please do contact me if your interested, My discord is Spaced#8766, Or my twitter is spaceinstudio, I look forward to a reply!

Hey, I can’t send you a friend request on discord mind adding me Mlesniak#2987

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Will do, Sorry I wasent notified sooner!

I think I un-added you by accident, terribly sorry, But specifically whats the price per model, as I dont trust paying by the hour. Or in all of the hours. Can I have a price on a standard Cop tahoo, Per hour [guessed price] and per car.

Usually per model for how much scripting is involved if there are stages, ect it can be 150-300 Depending on what you need on it, regular tahoe would prob me 120.

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Are you still open to taking commission on this? I’d love to acquire your assistance.