Vehicle Issues: Wheels

Hello I am new to this forum but let me jump into the topic I’m talking about.

Sorry, I recorded in studio and its in wmv instead of mp4

I have been working on the Tornado Intercept Vehicle with anchors and windshield wipers.

Anyways, When I test it out the vehicle, at first it was fine for a few seconds then the steering doesn’t work and can’t move the vehicle even though I was pressing w to move, nothing happens
robloxapp-20200529-2006471.wmv (2.8 MB)

But this problem only happens on the vehicle but when I try it on a sedan I made it was fine, no issuesrobloxapp-20200529-2009594.wmv (2.7 MB)

Is there a solution to this so I can fix it.



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Well, it looks like your wheels are rubbing on the armor you added to the sides.
There’s a Setting in the File tab at the top of Studio (File>Settings>Physics>AreContactPointsShown) that allows you to see when Parts are touching, check that box and if you have Parts that are contacting each other then you’ll see a red sphere there in Studio Test mode.

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Wow thanks for the solution. It’s now all fixed, thanks to you.