Vehicle Seat System

My goal is to make and script a sort of spacecraft. I am new to vehicles. I have barely started as I am wondering about the vehicle seat. When you sit in this seat, there is a speed bar. In popular games such as jailbreak, there is no speed bar (heli) and you cannot zoom in to first person perspective. What I am wondering is, in cases such as these, is a vehicle seat used or is the character camera just turned into this object, for instance the helipcopter just becomes your character. Like what happens to the player? I am a bit confused about the foundations of vehicles and where the player goes.


The VehicleSeats’ speed bar can be hidden by disabling the “HeadsUpDisplay” property of the seat. These seats are normally only used in legacy style vehicles with physics-based movement, whereas the games you listed are very scripted and are much more likely using regular Seats then executing code for custom controls when someone sits in them.
The camera can be limited with a localscript on the player controlling it, or by changing the CameraMinZoomDistance property of StarterPlayer.
I’ve not heard of a game going through the trouble of having the character “become” the vehicle outside of some marble games, so you’re better off pursuing using the regular seat method.

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Inside of properties, set the “HeadsUpDisplay” to false (make the tick dissapear).