Vehicle Sim 360 degree decal

just hoping to know how do you make the 360 degree viewing decal(or whatever its called) used in the Halloween trick or treat event? looks kind of cool, do you use a viewport frame to do it? because i don’t seem to find a way to do it

If you’re talking about a decal that spins 360°, then add a part into Workspace size it, and it should look somewhat like this:

And then use TweenService to rotate it.
Else, for example, a model you should use Viewport Frame.

I think you’re talking about BillboardGUIs.

For a basic explanation, they’re like SurfaceGUIs but in 3D space, not on the surface of a part.
They have the same basic properties, etc.

billboardgui isn’t really i am looking for though

I will try this and probably mark it as solution if its what i need, thanks

Viewport frames are what you are looking for.
A ViewportFrame is a type of GuiObject that can render 3D objects inside its bounds. This is a great way to display 3D objects/models in a 2D GUI

wait, can you put viewports on surface guis?
or they have to be on screen guis(which is what i usually do)

It’s a GUI element… it works in any of the three.

Vehicle Simulator achieves this look by rendering a car within a viewport frame and spinning the model within that viewport.

i know how that works, i am refering to the halloween trick or treat thing, the house looks like a 360 degree photo, just wondering how to make that as it looks really cool

If you want a picture around a cylinder, I believe you can divide the picture into four different decals, parent them all to the cylinder and give all of them different faces. I haven’t done this so I’m not sure if it works and I don’t know how to divide a picture into four pictures.