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Welcome to the Vehicle Simulator update board! This is where we’ll be posting update logs/useful information regarding our project,

Vehicle Simulator

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First update: Welcome to our update board! :slight_smile:


Update 12/19/20:

We’ve migrated our existing ticketing system from Discord to Zendesk! You can reach us at the following locations:

Twitter: @rbxvs_support (DMs/tweets) (For in-depth feedback/comments/concerns regarding Vehicle Simulator).
Twitter: @ssgblox (DMs) (For business inquiries).


We have updates planned for the near future - stay tuned!

Also, attention developers: There is a user by the name of ‘Skypast’ who claims to have worked w/us/actively works with us on Vehicle Simulator. They do NOT work for us, and were fired after using stolen models as their own work (And we suspect them of stealing our assets in-game and leaking them).

They continue to use us as a reference after we made it clear that they were not welcomed to do so. Summit Studios Games/Vehicle Simulator do NOT endorse this user, and cannot recommend using their services in good faith.

(Mods please don’t delete this - I’ve had several top developers reach out to me about Skypast using us as a reference when we told him he couldn’t/he actively claims to be working for us).


I’m resigning from the Vehicle Simulator team after an amazing 6+ years of work. It’s been fun everyone, thanks for the incredible journey!