Vehicles are slow in Low-End-Devices

If i would drive my Train with a Low-End-Device, 70 KmH would be 7 KmH in Low-End-Devices.

Im using LinearVecolity and setting the Network Owner to the Player. Can this happen because the Network Owner is to the Player with Low-End-Device?

Usually no, but it could be their connection to the Server that makes it slower than normal

Incase lower FPS is the problem, if you are using RunService.Heartbeat or RunService.RenderStepped you should use the property returned by the function called deltaTime, also preventing FPS unlockers from giving you a benefit. RunService.Heartbeat Docs

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Yeah im using that and how can i use dealtaTime, i saw that:


local increment = RATE_PER_SECOND * step


What do i need to do with that Script?