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Public Handbook



This Handbook was made in order to keep our community updated about vital information. This Handbook will be helpful if you’re having issues/frequently asked questions.


Rank Information

:hammer: Work In Progress - Coming Soon! :hammer:


Terms of Services

1.1 Disrespect - We do not tolerate any sort of disrespect towards others. You are to be extremely civil to your peers. Please treat everyone in an exceedingly polite manner; we should all be treated equally in a well behaved manner. Please keep your differences outside of our group; if you occur to break our prescription, you will face grievous reverberations (consequences).

1.2 Advertisement - We do not tolerate any sort of advertisements. Advertising through DMs, in-game, group wall or public channels and/or in-game is severely forbidden. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be immediately banned from the server.

1.3 Offensive Languages - Do not use foul/racist or offensive languages towards others; it is severely forbidden and will get you in severe consequences if you use them. Remember, you are to be extremely respectful towards others; foul language isn’t respectful at all, so please do not use foul/racist or offensive languages.

1.4 Chainmails & Profanity - Using chainmail is extremely forbidden and will cause severe consequences to you if you happen to utilize it. Using inappropriate content is extremely prohibited. This includes pornography/NSFW. If you occur to break this rule, you will be immediately banned from our server.

1.5 Trolling - We do not tolerate any sort of trolling. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be warned and then we will proceed by kicking you from the server. If you happen to do the same thing again, we will be forced to conduct a ban.

1.6 Bypassing -We do not tolerate any sort of bypassing. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be issued a ban from the server immediately. Bypassing consists of using swear/bad words in a way that doesn’t get tagged in the chat.

1.7 Exploiting - We do not tolerate any sort of exploits. If you’re caught exploiting you will face severe consequences by getting banned from the server.

1.8 Roblox ToS - You must follow all Roblox Terms of Service at all times. Caught breaking this rule will make you in trouble.


Alliance Information

In order to form an alliance with Velho, your group must meet our requirements. Please note that we have the right to terminate your alliance if your group breaks these requirements. Furthermore, you are required to contact a Public Relations Officer or the Public Relations Leader after you read every information.

➯ Your group must have at least 20 non-botted members. Exceptions can be made.

➯ Your group must have a channel to announce our events.

➯ Your group must agree that we do not tolerate any unprofessional behavior from your MRs+.

➯ Your group may NOT sell ranks that give administrative powers.

➯ Your group must be active, professional and well organized.

➯ Your group must announce our events.

➯ You must provide at least two representatives from your group.

If you think your group has these requirements, please don’t be afraid to contact a member of the Public Relations Department.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Velho hiring developers?

Answer: No, we aren’t hiring developers at the moment.

Question: How do I become a MR+?

Answer: You have to work hard, get recommended, be active, professional, mature and dedicated towards your job. Or you can also apply when applications are out.

Question: How can I form an alliance with Velho?

Answer: Scroll up to the ALLIANCE INFORMATION section.

Question: How do I suggest someone for a promotion?

Answer: Message anyone who takes a promotion suggestion. Usually they are Executive Assistants+…

Question: When are trainings?

Answer: Training will be hosted soon, we do not have any schedule yet.



Thank you for reading! We hope this document will help everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a High Ranking staff member.

Communications Server; va82FN8

Roblox Group: Velho - Roblox