Verification might be broken

I saw this on twitter and it seems pretty important to figure out what’s going on here.

It looks like it might be adding a lot of friction to the web experience.


Well I agree, and that tweet had some quality commentating.


Yikes, the fact that you have to do all of those within a time limit? :grimacing:
Anyways, I’m not 100% sure but this may be related to this post


I agree, although I know roblox has been trying their best to stop bots mass joining groups, I feel like it may have gone too far. Many children already have a hard time doing these recaptcha things, and it seems like it has gotten worse by the looks of that tweet.

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I have failed to complete these multiple times in a row. Had to bring up my sister to try it, and she also failed it.


The sad part about this is, some of the time there still is bots that join servers. While it’s lessened dramatically, you still do see the occasional bot. There’s been so many forums posts on this same exact issue it’s hard to think how Roblox moderation hasn’t come across these yet.

I personally don’t experience this bug, but it seems incredibly annoying for the people who do.

My younger sister struggles with these, to the point where I end up having to do it for her. It’s not as crazy as 10 or 20, but 5 usually is where she can’t get into a group or her own account, so she has to come get me do to it for her.

Roblox definitely needs to figure out another way to go about this.

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Hi @Shedletsky,

Please ensure you take the time to search before posting threads here in #platform-feedback as this thread already exists, such as this report Impossible Roblox captcha and Infinite Fun Captcha on Login page

You may also find it extremely helpful to review How to post a Bug Report before posting any bug report to ensure that Roblox engineers can handle this report as smoothly as possible.

Thanks :upside_down_face:


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