Verification system!

With the recent opening of the #discussion category, I’ve been thinking a fair bit on how to solve the problem of “subpar” posts on the forum… I think I may of thought of a system that would be amazing if implemented…

As the title says, a verification system. Similar to how twitter has a check mark next to “verified” members who meet certain standards. I think a similar system on the forum would be awesome…

Verified requirements could be similar to these:

1.) 150 posts created.
2.) 25 topics created
3.) 350 likes received
4.) 15 solutions
5.) No recent moderation history

I think where this system would really come in handy is being able to filter posts that was made by verified only. This way you can have both an open category that all levels of the forum can post it, but there is still a obvious separation between the newer and experienced developers…

Another bonus to this is being able to set it where only verified can reply, as with many discussion posts, you’d rather have an answer from a developers thats been on roblox for years rather then someone who just downloaded studio.

Im aware there is still holes in the system. Look forward to seeing what all of you think!


I don’t think something like that in the form of a “verification” system would work. Maybe it could be implemented as mini-trust levels in the form of badges. So you could unlock the “Discussion” badge when you meet a requirement etc


I think 15 solutions is way to much. It takes a lot of time to even get 1, let alone 15. By the time I had 15 I already had 1000 posts created, 80 topics created, and 1.7k likes received


Different people having different posting habits. Receiving solutions is not indicative of your ability to write good topics, or vice versa. It seems silly to require a given number solutions and posts when making a topic in #discussion should only really be concerned with your topic-making ability.


Personally I don’t think that is a good idea.
Just because devforum is meant to be welcoming and friendly to all developers.
Badges are , personally , enough of a sign to show that you are experiened/skilled.

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I completely agree. Some people use the developer forum for different reasons. It also depends on your knowledge and what you do. Certain people can still make thoughtful and engaged posts without getting any solutions.

Some people use the forum to share and input ideas. Not everyone has got the knowledge to solve problems or issues. For example, if it is a scripting issue, only people who have that knowledge will be able to submit a solution. Where as, if it was a building issue, people with knowledge of scripting might not share the same knowledge.


As I said above, those was just examples, in all reality, the requirements would most likely be hidden from users and be automated like the current ranks. The main reason I said solutions is because it shows you’re able to help the community and you’re proficient in your area of development…

But once again, they are just examples, if they decide to adopt this system, I doubt we’d ever know what they set the requirements at.

If you didn’t know, you can mark your own posts as solutions.

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Then they can just not count towards your progress

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