Verify to Roblox for Copyright?

Hello, Recently i Have been Building store products for a 70s retail store, Reason why i made this topic is if there is a way i can send models to Roblox so they can verify it from copyright. Forgive me if i posted this on the wrong topic.

I did recently got banned because i imported a copyright image of a cereal brand. I have uploaded several very similar brands, and i have dozens of products. Since this is a commission, i wouldn’t want the owner who put the game on public and get banned or get the game shutdown for a decal of potato chips.

I would like to send the entire model to roblox, rather than sending each decal one by one.
If there is a way is do this, I would like to know How And Where?

The Topics i found about copyright hasn’t been very helpful for me so
I would appreciate feedback and help with this problem.

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Just make your own cereal brand or something similiar to it, just don’t use their name


I have been Thinking about that, but sadly im not the best artist, im rather just a novice builder.

You don’t really need expert knowledge in designing, just a little stripe and some words on would do the job

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I tried following your advice, It turned out Better than I expected! The owner seem to like it aswell. I guess I should try out something new more often.