Verns Cafe Handbook

Verns Cafe is a new cafe located in the Summer Style. You can order from one of our lovely staff members, go soak in water, and more! Verns was founded by vernee1211 and ongwenmin1 at the very start of 2021 and has been happily serving customers. :briefcase:

  • All staff must use proper grammar and punctuation while at Verns Café.
  • Trolling will result in consequences depending on the severity.
  • Everyone in the game is to be treated with respect.
  • Any sort of spam will lead to a banishment from the game.
  • Sharing or asking for any personal information about yourself or others will not be tolerated.
  • Raiding will lead to being permanently banned from the game.
  • Refrain from trash talking other groups or other people
  • Raiding will result in an instant banishment.
  • Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.

Verns Cafe
Application Center
Training Center

Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

:page_with_curl:In order to become a Staff Assistant, you’ll have to be the rank ‘Senior Barista’ for eligibility. When working as a Senior Barista, you will need to meet these key requirements in order to increase your chances of a promotion:

  • Actively work at the cafe for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Do not ask for promotions
  • Use good grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary (not too excessive).
  • Do not hint.
  • Work Performance.
  • No Safechat.

For any questions, concerns, or issues regarding Staff Assistant promotions, you are able to contact a Board of Directors or above.

Affiliate Information

:label: You must follow the rules below, in order to affiliate with Verns Café.

  • Must have a minimum of 80 members.
  • Your group must have a good reputation.
  • Must be a business. (Example: Cafe, Hotel, Restaurant,etc.)
  • Must have a communications server.
  • Must not sell any admin permissions or middle ranks.

Verns handbook is written by vernee1211, Lover_0914.