[Version 4] Redefine:A | An all-in Administration System

This would be great if you don’t try to hide code, just type as normal because that weird…

I actually only hid it because previously I have done the settings a bit more ‘user friendly’.
like this, I mean VV

--[[what is your name]]               module.name = {
"NAME HERE"                           } --[[
thank you for the name.]]

used to be the good stuff back when i originally made the admin, but it was rare.
it just wasted my time so i decided to stop that.

Ok, no problem, thanks for answer.
Also this is a very nice ressource you did! Great job I very like it (because I create a game with Garry’s Mod style)
Thanks for sharing, I will use this for my game and credit you ! :slight_smile:

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This is how it was meant to be originally;

However, because it just wasted the time I decided to go with the ‘normal’ format, but still hide the module = {} part. The result was like this;

It still will resolve into the same thing.

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Can’t get it run. There are no errors or anything, or maybe I have just overseen something?
Any idea why?

If you’re trying to run it in studio, there may be a few issues. It really depends on whether or not the admin actually fully loads.

  1. Admin fully loads (You get the secret key printed out);
    The module isn’t loading fast enough in studio to catch a join. You can read more about this here.

  2. Admin doesn’t load - stuck at “Loading Admins”;
    API access to datastores is disabled in the game. It’s default, so I can’t really blame you if you missed it.

  3. Any other error or not in studio; Join my discord server. It’s linked in this post.

Im having issues with getting this to work

Considering you’ve joined my discord, I have no idea why you’ve posted it here. Please contact me there, as this was an unnecessary post.

I have returned and done another-


Admin - V03.1-Pre3A (Update #65);

Too much stuff has been added in order to make this list short and understandable so I’ll just make a tl;dr;

  • Settings
  • SaveAdmins function overhaul
  • Remotetrap that’ll notify online staff (moderators+) about triggered traps.
  • Made the GetLevel() function a bit better. (Now owners will always have level 5, even if they got unrooted by someone using an exploit as a root.)
  • The gameSecret is now randomized rather than being always the same.

there are a lot more changes but im not going to write them all down here. Check out my github (Listed in the top post) for the full modulescript and changes.

Desktop - Build 53;

  • New icons for the desktops. ya’ll better like 'em despite me being a very bad artist or i stg im gonna stop making upd-
  • Strict mode and Echo have been fixed for apps. It will now stop when it needs to.
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Thank you for that. I will absolutely use this, +follow.

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Feel free to use the admin! If you have any issues, please contact me directly on Discord or Devforums. (Sorry for late response. I was too busy making a new update.)

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since im not allowed to post every new update I’ll only post updates that are worth noting and stuff. Dev rel, if you see this, please let me know if at least this is allowed.


I have updated the admin to Build 68.
The most notable notes between 66 to 68 as of writing;

  • R:A will now tell you how much time it took for it to load.
  • R:A will now let you load it from studio AND handle you automatically without tinkering.
  • New sounds again.
  • Sandbox mode has been publicized. is this even the correct way to say that…?
  • The notifications will now have a timer as shown her- uh…
  • A load of new commands have been shoved into the mainmodule script, most notably slock.

As for the desktop, progress has been steady, but I don’t feel like it’s ready to be published yet into the global version. However, new stuff is in for the R:A build of the desktop, which includes a folder where all of the applications will be shown at one place, without the need of running them from the terminal.image

aka we are one step closer to having actual folders.

Sorry if bumping 47 days later is not allowed, but this is huge and I don’t want to create yet another thread because of an update.

I have just released Redefine:A version 4, and it contains a lot of changes and edits, including modular design and very easy environment customizations. Feel free to look around, and remember: This admin is actually good and was made for medium-sized games / groups, nothing more.


A lot of changes have occured recently with Redefine:A and DisplayNames have been added.
I’ll begin from the start.

  • New commands: Sudo, Announce (Global), Remote, Rejoin, Banlist, PBan and Partyhat.
  • You can now target the server by using @server, @@ or #0.
  • Added a new datastore fork called “Even Easier Data Storage”.
  • Added filtering on the PM addon, which is toggled by the loader settings.
  • Added Cross-Server commands for the admin.
  • New UI (again)
  • When there are friends in-game or when friends join, notify players. SyncAdmin style.
  • Changed the TextFiltering to be a FakeService rather than depending on the ever-changing service.
  • Updated info to show warnings.

For real though, I release updates very frequently and whenever I do I post them immediately in the Discord. Join it.

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This is literally so incredible. Thank you so much for providing us with an incredible admin resource.

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Is this still getting updates???

Yes, the admin is getting updates on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily when a lot of bugs are reported at once. In fact, new features are coming out as well. I have recently added an error log and Light Mode.


Can we change the prefix tho? Since I am not used to using the prefix Redefine uses

It’s actually very easy to change the prefix. Open the settings and find this part;

Change ! to anything you wish to be the prefix.

I recommend you to explore the settings a bit more, as there are more settings such as Preferred method, which allow you to change the admin handles arguments. (For example, SM (the default one) is based on SourceMod, and lets you target player groups by doing @all, @others, etc, while S (or Simple) will allow you to use the current method most other admins use to target groups, for example, all, others, etc..

Thanks I’m just dumb so :joy: Couldn’t find it