Version One | Credits

As Kohau’s Restaurant, Version One, is around the corner, I’d like to thank those that made this all possible!

Development Credits.

Moral Support.

Though I am not involved much in what the following people do, I’d like to show my appreciation in this post as this would’ve not been as successful as it is without them.

  • @s8phie - Thanks for all the encouragement you had shown to all of us, we had rough times getting Version One right, and probably without you pitching in at the right moment, we would’ve disbanded. I really do appreciate everything you do to try and keep our team together.

  • @teltical - You’re like a brother to me, we can relate and all, and though sometimes we fight, we both have the same views of what we want our group to become. Your ideas are valuable, and that’s the major reason why we have a 100% rating on our restaurant.

  • @R_y4n - Where can I start with you man, you are the catalyst of our group, we are where we are because you’ve became loyal to us, and us alone. We really do appreciate how much you’ve grown our group. Mark this as your home because you belong here and nowhere else. We treat you like family, because this is where you start your own journey in our group.

  • @SobSyphix - Skilled modeler and reliable, you make the best experiences for those that are looking for it, your dedication impresses me, even when your life is on the line.Your interest in the project has only made it better than what it ever would’ve been. Branch out your skills because you have so much potential doing what you do, I reckon it’ll turn out well.

  • @Pseudorandomness - You are so reliable, honestly, without you this project would’ve taken way longer than it should’ve. Even whilst making our game, we’ve been able to have heartfelt conversations, a relationship that the commissioner and scripter should always have. Continue innovating, you have so much potential.

  • @Edxnn - Holy, man, how well you work under pressure is so inspiring, you pitched into the project last second, you were there when I needed you, before this project and during it, you wish nothing but the best for me and so do I, this world needs more people like you. You saw potential in me when no-one did, I appreciate your ethic and your personality.

  • @Frxshy - Man, your work is amazing, and we’ve had our ups and downs on this journey to where we are going, but I want to let you know I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused to you, and sometimes said things that may have hurt you, but where we are going, you need to know that we all appreciate the effort you put into our group and inspire others to do what we do. It’s the best compliment. I am generally sorry for what I’ve said, but we all need to team, it’s not healthy to leave this on a bad note and work on a project which you really don’t want to. Maybe you’ll read this, maybe you won’t, but sometimes I should keep my mouth shut, and I want to let you know I’m remorseful.

  • @valchip - Though you aren’t on this project anymore, and left for your own reasons, we wish nothing but the best for you in your journey, and whatever you end up doing, show the dedication and effort you put into our project. You were the best friend I could have.

  • @ScriptedJulia - Last of all, Julia, we both work as hard as eachother to make our dreams a reality, and look where that went, it’s now there. We’ve both had failed projects, trial and error, but this was our major breakthrough. When we got the idea to make a hibachi restaurant, we knew we hit gold, and we had the dedication to continue, even through the rough times, let’s not leave this group and symbolise it as our success.


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