VersionNumber changing prompt is misleading

When changing the version of a package, the message always prompts the following:

This message has two issues:

1. It always shows me “version % 1

Even setting the number to a version that doesn’t exist yet prompts me with this, where I’d expect it to silently ignore my input.

2. It says “revert” in cases where I’m actually advancing versions.

This is confusing when I’m not reverting anything and can lead a developer to thinking they are.

This was my first time ever using packages so I’m uncertain when this started, I’m currently on version 0.419.0.381237.

I can reproduce this in any place, the package I used in the above videos is from

Since setting a VersionNumber for a package can be massively significant to a game, I believe there should be a prompt that states “Are you sure you want to set this package to version _ (of _)” just so the developer is certain they’re aware which version they’re setting it to, relative to the latest version which might be the reason for reverting the package.