VertexColor not working when a Descendant of a Character

I am trying to change the vertexcolor of a mesh in roblox studio, it works fine but whenever its a descendant of a character then the vertexcolor property doesn’t work. I’ve tested this by setting the parent of the part with the special mesh, “DaggerPart” to a model, part and folder they all worked fine but whenever I put it inside a character/character rig it didn’t function anymore. This has been happening to the longest I could remember. I don’t know if its a bug or not but I would of posted it in platform feedback as a bug report if I had access. It has a 100% chance of happening if its a descendant of a character.
reproduction.rbxl (22.3 KB)


I am having this same problem did you find a solution?

Well, the best solution I have found to this problem was to make a clone part and place it inside a folder where i store vertex changes, then I weld/connect it to the actual part.

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Thankyou :relaxed: this might be the best solution Ill try it!

I’ve just noticed this too on my custom hair. What an inconvenience…

Experiencing this now as well.

Bug, or feature? Can’t seem to find anything else about it online, but it’s certainly annoying…

Can we get roblox working on this? It’s truly an inconvenience