Very high memory usage for no apparent reason

Good afternoon!
(this may not exactly fit in this category, but I’m unsure)
I was testing a few scripts in a simple baseplate world, when I noticed the memory usage was absurdly high. (averaging 1600mb - 2300mb) when the target is 200mb

when I run the game solo on the client, It doesn’t affect lag/performance, but when I run it for 2 players on the server, the game becomes too slow to even play properly. I have low ping and CPU, so this isn’t an issue with my scripts, and even when I tried disabling all of the scripts in the game, the memory was still ~2200mb.

Is this just an issue with roblox studio itself? I’ve never had issues with high memory before.
I use a MacBook to run studio, which might have something to do with this, but I still usually had decent memory with little to no lag prior to today.

When I tried checking what was using all the memory on the dev console, a large portion of it was put under “untracked memory”, which when I tried searching up, didn’t bring up much help.

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Roblox allocates more or less memory depending on your system specs.

I don’t know why you’re lagging, but a script would be helpful.

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I ended up fixing the lag by just reverting to an earlier version of the game. I still have high memory usage, but it runs normally

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