[VERY NEW!] Scripter!

About Me

Hi… I am TakingLegs!
I just started to script, but I think I can do it!
I just wanted to say I am a very VERY new scripter!
I mean I just want to do some simple tasks for free! This is to get more commissions and for practice!
Here is my work!




My TakingLegs account got hacked yesterday so, that is my ew account, which means, I am using another account, but for devforum, I don’t want to read hours just to get new member rank again.



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For a beginner it’s alright, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be better just to hire somebody else who has the skill. I personally wouldn’t hire somebody just so they could make me a dance floor, that’s what communities like HD or SH are for. Also, I know you said your account got hacked, but I’m confused. Your DevForum is on one account, two of your gifs are on another account, and another gif is on a different account???