VERY odd character issue?

Hello. I have recently encountered an issue in where the character on the client side seems to be infinitely falling right after being spawned, while on the server, they character seems to be fine. The method used to load the character LoadCharacter(). This issue occurs semi-frequently for me. Perhaps 1/20 spawns. Here is a video to better help you understand the issue.

Any suggestions on how to fix this is appreciated. I simply cannot understand how this is even happening in the first place. There are no errors related to the character’s movement or similar things.

I have found out that if I group the humanoid root part, the character stops “falling”, though it somehow keeps on occurring if I ungroup it.

Do you happen to ever change the position of the humanoid root part in a script? Like, by doing HumanoidRootPart.Position =

Yes only once right when the character spawns to the desired spawn CFrame. Although it does not seem like it really affects anything since this issue is intermittent. Even if I disabled it, it would still sometimes occur.

Hmm, you shouldn’t ever change the position of the humanoid root part. You should change the cframe of it instead, or just use MoveTo() on the whole character model.

Sorry I should have clarified I was changing it via CFrame.

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Bumping. This issue is somehow becoming more common? It’s occurring 1/10 times. Seems like it’s only happening to me. Pretty sure it’s nothing that I’ve done which causes it. It’s becoming really frustrating trying to pinpoint this issue as it’s basically preventing me from advancing further with my game’s development…