Very strange terrain LOD problem

So, I’m trying to have a ring of water around this island. I’ve been plagued with this bug every time I try and make it happen.

Basically, it seems to be some sort of strange corrupted voxel problem. You see these “ramp-like” patterns appear in chunks on the water surface, some artifacts on the water close up, and even strangest are raised edges of sand near the edge.

To be clear, the water was generated with the sea level tool (and I just erased it into a disk shape), and the sand was generated with a script. Both are thin, but perfectly flat. There has never been a layer of terrain above the water and sand.

I’ve tried making it thicker/thinner, changing things around. No matter what I do this terrain looks like this.

Baseplate.rbxl (2.0 MB)

Edit: Oh, and the sea level tool often generates weird flickering edges with this water.

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If I’m not mistaken using more terrain/water “decreases” the LOD view (you can maybe try testing this in studio by having normal baseparts that can be seen then adding water til it they disappear at a certain distance.

It might be with the way roblox handles LOD on terrain. Don’t think you can neccessarily fix it right now unless you were to hide terrain from out of view or set quality levels to max doing so but that seems a tad hacky.

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If I generate an empty ocean of water in a baseplate that is many tens of thousands of studs wide it does not have this issue. It’s not solely a LOD issue. You can look at lots of games with terrain oceans on them that don’t have it.

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You could try making your own terrain LOD system / chunk loader, if you don’t like the way roblox does things.