Vf9r | Programmer

About Me

Hey, my name is vf9r and I’ve been developing for around 3 years (within various accounts) and I love designing guns, UI, customization system and literally anything programming.


Here is one of my recent projects: https://gyazo.com/8ec5a0bf6da10f24d4cc59db415006a5
(Phantom forces inspired customization)

Here’s a group I own if you want to check out the games (each one contains an even amount of scripting from car crashing, to vibing, etc)


Schools out for summer! I’ll ruin my sleep schedule for a job. My timezone is EST if you wanna ease me up.


My prices start at 500, I used to work for free but I was told I should be doing them for thousands, but 500 is fine at the minimum, a few thousand is still nice. I do not do percentages or long term. I do straight up R$ pay, not limiteds, and commission only. Long term is not open, but I may consider it (very rare and would have to be steady pay)


You can contact me here on the forums or on discord: vf9r#7188

Peace out, I’ll be adding more every day. :slight_smile: