VFS effect with multi meshs

Hello im trying to make a vfx explosion where i have 3 meshs, one for the fire itself, other for the coal to simulate the black smoke and another mesh to simulate the white smoke, i was trying to positionate all the meshs and resize then as the same by scripting, but i need to positionate all them mannualy, is there a way to actually make the three meshs only one mesh?

if you wanted to make it all into the one mesh, you could look into UV mapping and the ‘surfaceappearance’ object.

Also, no need to position and size them manually, i’ll send you the code i used to make something like this in DMs.

right, i have made a code to make an explosion effect looping through those meshs, but im curious about the uv mapping u mentionated

you can look up on UV mapping as i’m not the best on explaining it.
Basically though you just UV wrap a mesh in say blender, make a texture that goes with the UV wrap and export it all then voila.

Then surfaceappearance can be used for a ‘luminance’ map iirc, so you can re-create the neon in parts that need it simply by supplying a texture. I’d highly suggest researching this since it’s extremely useful. and unfortunately i’m not the best at explaining.

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thanks, i’ll give It a try, i have already seen some content about ir but i’ll Go deeper.

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