Vibe Club - Apartments Update [06/29/2020]

Make way for the grand opening of Sunset Inn!

The Sunset Inn apartment complex is now open! You can find it outside, right beside the club!

There are a total of 5 rooms, all completely FREE to access!

Included in each room:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Outside Balcony
  • Music ID Radio (play your own music for everyone in the room!)
  • Playable chess board

Animations galore!
This update now includes sitting animations in the emote menu! Now you can change your sitting animation on the fly, anywhere you want. Also, there are 4 new sitting animations and 1 new regular animation, check them out :wink:

Food and drink menus!
Gone are the fridges with hidden menus! Now there are physical menu boards with food and drink items! Just click one of the items on the board and it will appear in your inventory.

Introducing the new Firework Launcher gamepass! Now you can set off a vibe-themed firework show for all to see, wherever you are!

As well in this update are some bug fixes and small tweaks:

  • Lowered volume for Karaoke Bar music.
  • Fixed some visual glitches outside.
  • Re-tuned the lighting inside the club.
  • Added dialog for both shops as well as Sunset Inn.
  • You can now jump off the roof? Is this a good thing? I dunno, you can though!
  • Changed render method for meshes to reduce lag.
  • Player count increased to 70.

Have fun and vibe on!