Vibe Club - June 12 Update

To start, welcome to the developer forum! Here I’ll be able to detail exactly what was added in each update without getting held back by a word limit. So… here we go, this is a big one!

  • New SUBWAY w/ rideable trains!

    • You can access the subway via the stairs located in the city. Trains will zoom by and eventually stop for passengers to hitch a ride!
  • 3 new badges!

  • FAST TRAVEL menu!

    • Now you can get around quicker! Click the fast travel button and a menu will open. Select where you wanna go, and voila!


  • New clothing!

Capture2 Capture Capture2

  • New music!

    • Roughly 40 new tracks were added!
  • More detail & major optimizations!

    • The city gets a fresh new look with more buildings and lit-up windows. As for optimizations, over 5000 parts have been removed with some meshes being replaced with low-poly unions causing memory usage to become significantly lower. Also, there is now a more strict data-streaming algorithm to allow those with slower internet to load into the game quicker and allow longer play sessions.

  • And finally…

    • What is this?

[HOTFIX 06/13/20]

  • Fixed falling through the floor when joining & teleporting to new areas.
  • Added 2 more shirts to clothing shop.
  • Re-enabled “mute music” button, located beside settings button.

[VISUAL UPDATE 06/16/20]

  • Added reflections to outside area.