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About Me

Hi, thank you for checking out my portfolio! I’m Vice (aka. ViceRabbit). I’m a beginner on making animations and I love it. This is my first time selling. You may have questions like “Why are you making it free?”, well for your information, I’m wanting to make animations to people of what they want, so I can know what to improve. I use Moon Animator for most of my work to get that easing style!

My Work:

My Animations

Triple Sword Slash:

Sword Stance:

Sword Idle:

Sword Animation1 GIF

Infected Idle:

Walk Animation:


My timezone is EST. I am mostly active on the weekends “Saturday, Sunday.”, due to Online School. So on the weekdays, I will likely be active between 5 PM - 9 PM (EST).


No need at all! As said on the title and the About Me Section, it is free.


To contact me, you can send me a friend request on Discord. My User and Tag is Vice#8278. (Please reply your discord username on this post before you actually send me so I know who you are.). I can also talk via. DevForum messages but I prefer discord.


Your work examples all look beautiful, I think you should raise your prices, something like 50/per anim because this is too good to be free


The reason I made this free is so I can fill up my portfolio and have experience on selling, and make animations for people of what they want, so I can get feedback if it is worth the money.

Thanks for your feedback!

I understand, and respect that, hope to see your success in the future


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Hey! I added you on discord. My discord is grrr

Pretty nice! You definitely should start selling your animations. I sent you a friend request on Discord. Coldshot#9461