Video Feedback - Terms of Service Compatible?


I am currently developing a game for the younger audience and thought about making a funny video to use as the trailer. The issue is, It’s been taken down multiple times - no matter how much I try to upload it and change it up. I looked into the terms of service, and I believe it falls under “self-harm”, but is there any way I can get passed this? Such as adding Roblox backgrounds, saying professionals filmed it, and saying that it’s not real just like how people bypass the TikTok guidelines by simply putting “its all fake”.

I need some feedback on how I can get this video to go through the Roblox moderation system, or any ideas of how to remake it without it getting taken down.

Video below:

You can edit the window and add clouds there if you’re good at it, it’s self harm i think because it represents falling down.

That is a good trailer (made me laugh), but the main issue I see is that it shows IRL people. Try to keep it just Roblox characters - making an animated trailer would likely go through, rather than a live-action trailer.

One of Roblox’s moderation quirks… Again…

But yeah, just as the user above me stated, you might want to make this into an animation with Roblox Characters.

I thought it would be the IRL people but Ive seen multiple trailers where its just pure realistic people, but as @Pegagittt mentioned it might be due to self harm, so I just have to find a way around that or just re create the video in a better way.

It can also be realistic People, but the main Problem at this is “self harm”

I really don’t know much about this … Maybe try stopping the video at 7 seconds in… Just before the glass sound and the camera angle change.