Video Thumbnail Appears Right After First Image Thumbnail (Even If It Shouldn't)

I’m not 100%sure if it’s a bug.

My Video seems to be appearing as the second one, even if it’s the fifth one.


It also speeds up the first image thumbnail, and then moves to the fifth position skipping the 3 thumbnails in between them.

Kinda bothering considering I want the images to be displayed first.

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Always include source of a bug. Include the link to the game here.

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I can confirm this happens for me as well.

I’ve just read through the Roblox Support pages in relation to thumbnail videos (found here and here) and it doesn’t state anywhere that the video should automatically appear second. Unfortunately it seems as though it is, in fact, a bug.

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Yea, I thought that it happens to everyone thats why I didnt include the game link before.

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We are digging into this code right now. We will take a look at it. Thanks.


No problem.