Videoframetest - Enabling the VideoFlags

Enable these flags at your own risk, please follow the guide correctly otherwise you may end up breaking something in your client installation

If you do end up breaking something, click here to download the RobloxPlayerLauncher again so that a new player can be installed fixing all issues


This is a guide on how to make the videoframetest game work.

  1. Find your Roblox Player client version
    Click here for current version

  2. Create (or use) a folder called ClientSettings

  3. Navigate into the folder and create a file called ClientAppSettings.json with the following contents

  "FFlagVideoSupport": true,
  "FFlagVideoUISupport": true
  1. Save the file and relaunch the videoframetest game
Dont want to override your client flags?

You can also download the place file and open it with RbxStudio ModManager, where it is easier to control flags. The flags are FFlagVideoSupport and FFlagVideoUISupport.

This program uses it’s own installation of Roblox Studio (under /Local/Roblox Studio) and does not override any files in the base Roblox directory

Technical Information

Roblox uses FFlags to ship features for testing purposes, you should not actually be enabling these unless for testing purposes (which videoframetest is for). VideoFrames are not ready for production yet.

The ClientSettings folder with the ClientAppSettings.json file allows you to create FFlag overrides (this is the exact same method that I use to bring back the old playerlist)