View a players outfits from a roblox game

I am new to scripting so, sorry about that. Tried finding any of this topic couldn’t find one.

Are you referring to saved outfits/costumes normally visible on the Avatar page?

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Yes, I am referring to the saved outfits/costumes normally visible on the Avatar page?

So, do you know how to do that?

Try using this API.!/Avatar/get_v1_users_userId_outfits

It returns information on a specific player’s outfits.

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How do I do that exactly? I am not a Roblox Scripter as I have mentioned. I am new to scripting. Sorry, about that.

You’ll need to call one of Roblox’s apis. You’ll need to use a service like to do this.

Here is some example code:

You can then get a HumanoidDescription from the outfit IDs with this function.

HumanoidDescriptions are instructions for how to customize a character, you can apply it to a humanoid and learn more about it on the Developer Hub.


Sorry, for disturbing but, may you provide steps? :frowning:

You should do some research on your own or look at existing tutorials, scripting support topics, etc.

Okay, I’ll try to figure it out but, thanks a lot!! <3

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So, I must put the script in ReplicatedFirst where it’ll load the first things up. Right?

When making API calls, you should do it on the server. ReplicatedFirst is client-based.

then where do I put the script? Into ServerScriptService?

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