View port frame

i really badly understand how viewport frame work and how camera work. Pls do you know any tutorial. I readed the documentation on dev hub so pls dont send me link to this

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Hi there,

Perhaps this YouTube Tutorial might be more helpful to you:

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and can the view port view workspace?

If you copy models and parts from the workspace into the viewportframe it will view them yes.

Hope it makes it a bit easier if you think of the viewportframe as some sort of mini workspace.

It’s a workspace but smaller and nothing moves (frozen, no physics).
Just like a workspace it also needs a camera, thing is, you need to script this camera yourself, Roblox won’t do that.

However, scripting viewportframe cameras is as easy as working with CFrame and making one part face another, etc.

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ok, but i tried it and is looks… very bad so do you hnow what parametrs to ajust to make it looking like it normal

Lighting in viewportframes is very limited at the moment.

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i found this my self, but how to put the decrese the brightnes

As far as I am aware, you can’t at the moment. I think they are working on more lighting options though

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Cloning the entire workspace into a viewportframe is a bad practice and honestly they shouldnt be used for much more than a few models to render objects (Assuming you’re updating them)

No, I am not updating them. I just need to move camera how I need.